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    UMAC SPORTS PROGRAM We will achieve the highest standards of learning and playing the game of football by providing access to a safe fun filled environment for children, according respect for diversity, winning the trust of parents and promoting identification of talent for advanced placements MASAZA CUP & GALA 2023 OUR CORE SPORTS VALUES Fun Inclusivity Responsiveness Professionalism


    COUNSELLING & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE At UMAC Counselling and Mental Health Service, we provide professional counselling services to help individuals, couples and families build better lives, enduring marriages and resilient families. Through programmes and counselling sessions, some in conjunction with agencies h Court, our professional, trained counsellors counsellors will journey with you to ​ Foster better resilience in individuals by providing a safe space for those with mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts, grief & loss, emotional distress, or low self-esteem Nurture wholesome family lives and build healthy and stable marriages Provide a support group for carergivers of persons with dementia OUR CORE SERVICES 1 Community Outreach Team CREST serves as a community safety network for all persons with mental health concerns aged 18 and above, and supports their caregivers in the journey to mental wellness. More Info 2 Talks & Workshops Looking to learn more about mental health, relationships, parenting and career guidance through professional workshops and training? Sign up with us More Info 3 Professional Counselling Seeking professional counselling services as a couple, family or individual?Sign up with us More Info WHAT PEOPLE SAY DAMOLA KING · TORONTO “UMAC IS HELPFUL, FAST AND KIND” MOHAMMED · RICHMOND, CANADA "WE WERE SUPER HAPPY WITH THE PROGRAM, I'LL DEFINITELY USE IT AGAIN" JUSTIN-ALI, CANADA Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours. SEEKING COUNSELLING SERVICES? Sign up for our counseling services! First Name Last Name Email Sign Me Up Thanks for submitting!


    UMAC SUPPORT PROGRAM SUPPORT SYSTEMS OFFERED SETTLEMENT AND REFUGEE SUPPORT SYSTEM We all have been through the transition process into a new life in Canada, hence the reason why we have designed a system to guide a new migrant or refugee into settlement here as follows; ​ I. Orientation. ii. Needs assessment. iii. Handling forms. iv. Tours. v. Introduction to the Canadian culture. Call 647-787-0692 Email


    FOOD BANK PROGRAM This is our food bank program where we give our food to the community every Friday.


    JOIN US TODAY UGANDA MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION OF CANADA Our Story Get to Know Us Uganda Moslem Association of Canada is a grassroots, non-profit, community-based agency which is committed to enhancing the potential of families and children by supporting and addressing identified needs. Providing a wide range of programs, services, and activities that enhance individual skills and promote well-being and healthy communities, we are known for its strength in effective outreach, collaboration and delivering empowering programs which meet identified community needs. OUR GOAL Our Major Goal is to Bring Muslims and non-Muslims together By holding prayers, celebrating religious festivities, spiritual support as one. OUR MAIN FOCUS Streamline communication between and among our local and national organizations. Our Focus is to Build a laser-focused, consensus-based national vision. Cooperate in mobilizing the Muslim population of our local community and that of our fellow Canadians for the good of all. OUR STRATEGY Our Strategy here at UMAC is to provide comprehensive educational programs, and systems for families, the youth, working professionals, and seniors. ​ Over the years, we have seen the size of our Muslim Community and Ugandans at large grow amazingly, Alhamdulillah ( by the will of God). During this time of growth, Our Community has lacked adequate space, preventing us from offering programs that our community need directly; Therefore we are glad and we will make sure that our Center is safe for both Muslims and Non-Muslims thus it will help us in fulfilling and catering to the growth of our dreams and the future.


    UMAC SUPPORT PROGRAM EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SYSTEMS ​ Getting a job can be a bit challenging so as UMAC we have designed a system that will help you integrate into the employment system as listed below: i. Individual coaching ii. Skill training iii. Self-employment workshops iv. Resume writing, interview skills clinic and computer literacy This system is designed with a lot of services we cannot be detailed in depths here but in case of any consultancy please contact us . Call 647-787-0692 Email

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